How do you make a website using WordPress?

Do you want to make a website, but don’t you know how to write computer code? Don’t worry there are plenty of alternatives. One of them is using a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the most famous CMS. In this article you can read how to make a website using WordPress.

Choose the right domain name and a hosting service  

Before you can create a website, you first have to have a domain name and a hosting service. The domain name is the name of your website. Choose one wisely, because you cannot change this. You want to have a website name that is easily to remember and makes your customers instantly clear what you are selling or which services you deliver. What is hosting? All your information on your website has to be stalled somewhere, this includes the pictures, videos and the words. This process is called hosting. You can pay a company to perform this act. There are different hosting packages, if you pay more, you will receive more benefits. However, you don’t need these always. So before you buy hosting, always ask yourself the question: what do you want to get out of it?

Use the right settings

After you choose your domain name and hosting deal it’s time to choose the right settings. There are a lot of different features that you can tweak. Of course, before you can do this, you have to install Word Press. This is a simple process. Which settings can you change? You can choose the right language, the e-mail address that you use for administration purposes, the time zone and many more things.

Start building your website  

If you have done this, the fun part starts. You can start building you own website. You can install the plugin Elementor to build nice pages. You can use the Astra theme for the design of your website. How do you do this? Just go to “plugins” and then click “new plugin”. Here you can search for every plugin in the WordPress database. All of them are free. Just click on the Elementor, to start the installation. After this you have to press activate. Then you can start using the plugin. If you want to install the Astra theme, you have to follow the same principles. Within Astra, you have all kinds of different themes you can choose. There are a lot of different templates that you can use. This ranges from beautiful landscapes to a simple black and white lay-out. Most people want to choose something nice like a picture of a mountain for example. However, this is not always the best solution. Sometimes you want to keep things simple so that people pay more attention to your product offerings for example.

Take it a step further

When you have chosen a time, it’s time to give your pages the right name. You can also add more pages to your menu. After this you can make changes to other important aspects of the website. You can change the logo, the font, and the color schemes. If you want to do this, you have to go to the WordPress customizer. Here you will find a ton of different things that you can adjust. It’s for example also possible to adjust you blogging settings. You can choose to show who wrote the blog and which date it was published, or hide this. Another possibility is to build the footer, an important aspect of your website. Here you can add contact information for example, or an overview of the different services that you are offering.

The color and the logo  

The color that you use is very important and thus deserves a little more attention. Especially if you run a business, and if you have a store, you want to make sure the colors that you use are consistent. The best way to choose colors is to brainstorm about your brand. What is your brand personality, and which brand associations do you want to create? The right colors play a huge part. Red is often associated with danger and aggressiveness, but also with love. Blue has an association with calmness and the sea. Be aware of these color associations, when you are creating a brand image and a website with WordPress. The positive thing WordPress is that you can always make changes. It’s a lot more difficult to change the color of your brick-and-mortar store! With a website, the best decision is to choose not more than 3 main colors. You want to choose a distinct color for your calls to action. This way they stand out more, which makes it more likely that a customer will click on them and ultimately buy something.

If you want to add a logo you have to go to “Header Builder”, and then visit “Website title and logo”. If you press on change logo, you can add your own. After this, it is possible to alter the logo. You can make it broader for example, if this adds to the experience of your website.

Change things using Elementor

If you use Elementor, you can make a lot of changes, to customize your website. The first thing you need to do, is to go to the right page. So that is the page that you want to adjust. The main thing that you want to change are texts, backgrounds and colors. It’s pretty easy to change these things, you only have to click on it, then you can start making changes. Other advanced things that you can do, is to add a link. You can also add special effects. There are so many possibilities, the best thing to do, is to try it out for yourself to see what you like and what you don’t like.  

If you have changed something and you want to turn it back, you don’t have to worry. Elementor can help you with this as well. Sometimes you have used a color but you can’t quite remember which one you used. Elementor remembers the used colors, so you always change it back to the way it was.

We hope you learned a lot and can start making you own website using WordPress.