Gardenshop and garden stairs

At Vinuovo, you'll find everything you need for your home's outdoor living space. From garden furniture and planters to outdoor stairs and electric ovens! A very wide range that we continuously expand by looking for new products and by working out our own ideas in our own workshop or together with our suppliers.

Our range consists of: 

- Exterior staircases and accessories 

- Pergolas

- South African Braai and accessories

- Gas and electric pizza ovens

- Planters and accessories

- Electric fireplaces

- Terrace heaters

- A whole host of garden furniture and accessories

Garden steps at Vinuovo

A garden staircase is ideal for going from one level to another without having to climb a slope. Vinuovo specializes in garden stairs made of wood and steel. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to design and make your own garden stairs. 

We have access to many quality raw materials that you can use to assemble the best garden stairs. We provide ready-to-use packages that are custom made so you can easily make your garden stairs at the height you want! 

If you have any ideas or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We have a lot of experience and possibilities and can help you with your ideas and designing your ideal garden stairs!

Making your own garden stairs

Garden stairs are of course ideal for when you have height differences in your garden. Sometimes these height differences are not clearly visible and (new) visitors can stumble over them. The height differences can vary greatly, so it's hard to find a good ready-made garden step with the right dimensions. We therefore recommend that you make your own garden stairs. We offer ready-made kits that allow you to easily assemble your garden steps. 

Garden steps can be made of wood, (stainless) steel, metal, stone and even plastic or composite. So there's a lot possible, feel free to take a look and contact our customer service so we can help you with the design of your future garden stairs!